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Borgi, s.r.o.


Kostelecká 47
796 01 Prostějov
Czech republic

Phone.: +420 582 331 861
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Borgi, s.r.o., belongs to the leading trade companies in terms of car accessories in Czech Republic and Slovakia, and has been active successfully on the market since 2000. Apart form trade activites, there´s also own production line specialized in the injection moulding, assembling and packaging of a vast assortment of car accessories, such as custom licence plate holders, first aid kits and other products.

The main targets of the company

The main target is always to belong to the best car accessories traders/producers in the area.

This - without any doubt - demanding target will be achieved by the strategy based mainly on the following principles:

  • high quality services
  • open communication with customers
  • up-to-date production technologies and permanent innovation process
  • information technology support and assortment innovation
  • new progressive management principles
  • systematic staff skills training, qualification and motivation

The targets fulfillment strategies

We take for granted the permanent high quality level of our products, because it is the basic condition for keeping our market position.

Borgi,s.r.o. - organizačná zložka


Bratislavská 85
90201 Pezinok

Phone: +421 336 423 081